Schoolyards and Oldtown


30 January 2011


My first radio play production after Graduating from Simon Fraser School for Contemporary Arts, sponsored by Spirit Song Theatre Company and Coop radio. Reposted due to latest talk about 60s scoop, residential schools and the on-going issues affecting Canada's First People. Much more work to be done! Miigwech



SCHOOL YARDS & OLD TOWN Original Premiere December 16th, CANADA, 1989 on When Spirits Whispers, Co-op Radio. Thirty minutes. Original release - 2 track reel to reel. 2,003 release – CD reproduction V.O. ANGLAISE ORIGINAL ENGLISH VERSION. Written by Donald Morin, Co-Director/Co-producer, Donald Morin, Co-director: Wayne LaRiverie Co-produced/Co-editor by Gunargie O’Sullivan, Post-Production/ remix @ SFU Sonic Studio, Burnaby, BC. Distribution: Dammedia Edmonton, AB, T5H3K8, Tel: (587)521-2249, Cells:(780) 983-7189.
donaldmorin [at] gmail [dot] com

Interpretation: Wayne La Riviere, Maureen Adams, Dana Claxton, Arron Pointe, Randy Bevs, John LaVallee.

Collaboration: Scenario/Script: Donald Morin,

Dialogue recorder: Co-op Radio volunteer Norm Naganash , Editor

Engineer @ SFU: Donald Morin

Text Editor: Gunargie O’Sullivan and Colin MacPherson,

Production Assistant: Piet van dugteren

Original Music Donald Morin & Gunargie O’Sullivan

PREMISE: Young DENNIS GREEN is persuaded to join his schoolyard fellow students to join then in smoking some hash. This begins his torrid descent into the substance abusive world of The DownTown EastSide. Grown up and trained as a carver, he is pitted against an associate non-native childhood friend “Randy” who uses Dennis’s Auntie and Native friends for his avarious desires. Many years later, an older Dennis returns to Old Town to share with the new younger students, his downslide to prevent them from following the same path.

Radio Play written by Donald Morin

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