IBC Channel 1 Descriptions

August 18, 2018: The video descriptions included in this document were created as part of the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation's 2015-16 project funded by the Library and Archives Canada Documentary Heritage Community Program and in 2016-18 funded by Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development’s Cultural Education Centres Program and the Government of Nunavut's Dept. of Culture and Heritage.

This Channel contains 821 videos on 69 web pages. Our priority was to upload Inuktitut (Inuktut) videos, but a number do include some English or English subtitling.

This file/the above channel contains approx. 658 video descriptions.

In order to refresh content, many of the videos uploaded earlier have been deleted to make space for newer uploads, so older links in the descriptions will no longer work.

If you are interested in copies of any videos you see in the descriptions or on-line, please contact info [at] inuitbroadcasting [dot] ca. Please provide the URL and any description you see to assist with the search.

Please see IBC's other channels on Isuma for new productions and many more videos from the Inuit Film and Video Archives (IFVA):

http://www.isuma.tv/pituqait - new 2018 episodes (2016-17 episodes remain).
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-web-series - new 2018 episodes.
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-web-series-archives - 2015-2017 episodes.
(This Channel) http://www.isuma.tv/ibc - 200 new uploads in 2018 from the IFVA.
http://www.isuma.tv/ibc-2 - 400 in 2016 from the IFVA.
http://www.isuma.tv/ibc-3 - 200 in 2017 from the IFVA.
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-educator-series - 161 clips of Takuginai with descriptions in 2016 from the IFVA.



18 August 2018


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