Abraham Tagalik, 'Rankin a 'have' community while others fight for scraps'

Abraham Tagalik
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Rankin a 'have' community while others fight for scraps

Kivalliq News editor Darrell Greer practically asked to be chastised by other communities for his editorial on a new arena for Rankin Inlet (March 4, Kivalliq News), but I'm not sure if anyone obliged.

It's not that we like to chastise you, for you always have the final say.

In comparison to other Kivalliq communities, Rankin Inlet has got more than the lion's share over the years.

Your former MLA, who was a minister in the Government of the NWT, used to shovel the benefits by the barrel full (not that he gets all the credit).

Let me list what I can remember: the FOL site (which brought a paved runway), Kivalliq Hall residence (which was transferred to Nunavut Arctic College and now brings with it a Nunavut Trades Training Centre), Kivalliq Regional Health Facility, birthing centre, correctional centre, Nunavut Development Corp., two banks, CBC, Elections Nunavut, Fisheries and Oceans, Kivalliq Career and Early Childhood Services, Government of Nunavut healthcare benefits, Community and Government Services' public works and contract services, liquor warehouse and management, Petroleum Products, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., Kivalliq Inuit Association, Nunavut Implementation Training Committee, Inuit Broadcasting Corp. and even Kivalliq News - the list goes on.

Rankin Inlet is a have community and the outlying communities fight for the scraps.

It has two MLAs and both are now ministers, which further advances your cause in the house of power.

So you can see why we get a bit cynical when you plead your case of "poor us."

The other communities are at a disadvantage before they say a word. They might not even lift a pen to oppose you, feeling their arguments will fall on deaf ears.

Abraham Tagalik


13 April 2009


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