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28 December 2008


Isuma uses video and online technologies to open a window on indigenous reality.
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    TRUMAI Festa do Taquara 1

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <macareatrumai [at] gmail [dot] com> or <gabriela [at] isuma [dot] tv>

    Synopsis: Video of the Taquara traditional party of the Trumai people.

    uploaded date: 07-01-2010

  • 2m 48s

    Atanarjuat The Fast Runner trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Trailer of the first Inuit feature film Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, a life-threatening struggle of love, jealousy, murder and revenge between powerful natural and supernatural characters set in ancient Igloolik. Watch this complete film on iTunes.

     More about Atanarjuat  


    uploaded date: 01-02-2017

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    CBC's The National on Inuit Knowledge & Climate Change

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    CBC's The National highlights IsumaTV's Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change multimedia on the eve of Copenhagen conference. The internet-based film project has been garnering significant media attention. With our film screening at COP-15, the world became aware of the work we are doing with Inuit elders, hunters, women and youth in the Arctic.

    uploaded date: 11-01-2010

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    "Aputili?" or "Where's the snow?" Video

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    We just finished a short film by Roselynn Akulukjuk called "Aputili?". The name of this cilmate change related piece aptly translates as  "Where's the snow?".

    uploaded date: 16-10-2009

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    New Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change Video Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Here's our new project video trailer. It's a short summary of some of the incredible stories we've been hearing over our past month of filming in Pangnirtung, Resolute Bay and Iqaluit.

    uploaded date: 04-06-2009

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    Interview with Terry Uyarak

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Terry Uyarak: "And I don't believe when they say "We have the most, efficient, cleanest mining in modern days" because I don't think there are any clean mines." Click more for transcription


    - I heard they are making a road for this mining project. Did they start already? From where to where?

    uploaded date: 03-06-2009

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    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    What We Eat: Inuit jazz throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, talk back to Brigitte Bardot and anti-sealhunting lobby on the eternal reality of hunting. Selected for Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, Best Short, imagineNATIVE Film Fest 2009.

    uploaded date: 12-03-2009

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    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: ourworld

    Based on a traditional Nuxalk story, this is a drawn animation piece.

    Filmmaker: Jack Johnson

    Producer's Name: Our World

    Year of Production: 2008

    Distributor Information:


    Country: Canada

    uploaded date: 24-02-2009

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