IsumaTV in the Media

1. Jan 11, 2008. Nunatsiaq News: “Isuma’s latest: free internet video” by Jim Bell.

2. Jan 16, 2008. Canadian Press: “Aboriginal films from around the world hosted on new website”

3. Jan 17, 2008. The National Post: “Mixed Media: The decline and ball of Rome, rising tide in St. John's, and do you Isuma?" by Adam McDowell.

4. Jan 17, 2008. The Globe and Mail: “Atanarjuat duo create aboriginal-film website”

5. Jan 21, 2008. Northern News Services: “Isuma's answer to YouTube”

6. Jan 28, 2008. Art Threat: “ indigenous internet TV is extraordinary and free” by Michael Lithgow.

7. Jan 2008. Eastern Door Newspaper of Kahnawake Mohawk Territory: “Independent Indigenous Films” By Peter Blue Cloud/Aroniawenrate

8. Feb 2008. CFRO 102.7FM: "IsumaTV", Redeye, Vancouver Cooperative Radio 102.7fm.

9. Jun 19, 2008. CBC: " goes live from Iqaluit for National Aborginal Day"

10. Jun 24, 2008. Q:Arts, Culture and Entertainment: "Listen to Jian Ghomeshi's interview (runs 16:16) with Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn on Q"


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