Jarrett Crowe


07 May 2012


Tanisi-Hello! I am a 2013 graduate of the University of Regina School of Journalism, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the U of R in federation with First Nations University of Canada.

This page features a small portfolio of work that I've completed.

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Media on this Channel

  • Oma Program Promotional Video - U of Regina Aboriginal Student Centre

    uploaded by: JarrettCrowe

    channel: Jarrett Crowe

    Student promotional video for the University of Regina nitôncipâmin omâ Student Success Program, coordinated and run by the UofR Aboriginal Student Centre. 

     This video was produced, filmed, and edited by myself while also coordinating with most of the students on their availability and filmed at various locations on campus. 



    uploaded date: 10-12-2013

  • 6m 47s

    Otacimow: 'One who tells stories'

    uploaded by: JarrettCrowe

    channel: Jarrett Crowe

    A mini-documentary on Aboriginal representation in the mass media, particularly in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Produced by myself, Robin Booker and Tiffany Cassidy as part of an assignment/project for our Journalism (JRN) 306 Intermediate Broadcast class, School of Journalism University of Regina.


    uploaded date: 07-05-2012