• Norman Cohn Video

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    Norman Cohn's selected video work 1970-present, channel in progress, stay tuned. 1979-1986: Children in Hospital (3 parts), In my end is my beginning (5 parts); How We Lived (8 parts); Quartet for deafblind.… Uqalimakkanirit

    uploaded date: 05-03-2009

  • IBC

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation provides a window to the Arctic by producing award-winning television programming by Inuit, for Inuit. Created in the late 1970's, IBC is, indeed, Nunavut’s public producer. IBC does not produce the regular fare of TV sitcoms and talk shows.… Uqalimakkanirit

    uploaded date: 15-01-2009

  • 38m 58s

    Artcirq Lesson

    uploaded by: Rosa Flynn

    channel: EICC

    A video of a lesson using the ‘Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum’ of Isuma. Bringing Inuit culture into primary schools for the International Polar Year, the EICC is a multi-media unit for grades 4-6 about Inuit culture, the Arctic and Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut.… Uqalimakkanirit

    uploaded date: 27-03-2008

  • 3m 55s

    the Love you give

    uploaded by: Castille Troy

    channel: loveyougive

    Inuit, Metis, and First Nation Youth prevent violence and promote healthy equal relationships.

    Filmmaker Contact:

  info [at] loveyougive [dot] org

    Year of Production: 2009

    Distributor Information:


    Minwaashin Lodge - Aboriginal Women's Support Centre


    uploaded date: 21-01-2008

  • Artcirq

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    Artcirq is an Inuit artistic collective based in Igloolik, Nunavut.

    Founded in 1998 to combat youth suicide with artistic opportunity, Artcirq has evolved into a community-based circus and multimedia organization, allowing northern and southern artists to bridge and meet in a meaningful and creative way.


    uploaded date: 16-10-2007

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