• My Community vs. Nunavut Lesson

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    channel: Exploring Inuit Culture Online

    Students will differentiate between weather and climate. For 1 month, they will collect and graph daily temperature and precipitation data at school and use the Internet to collect the same data for a community in Nunavut. Students will then discuss how the long-term daily weather averages begin to describe each climate.

    Content Areas: Social Studies, Science, Technology


    uploaded date: 15-06-2009

  • 4m 56s


    uploaded by: Bracken Hanuse Corlett

    channel: Bracken

    This film was comissioned by the Alternator Gallery in Kelowna, under the theme, "Community Complicity." This piece speaks about disconnection from the land, colonial erasure, and the search for something true in the concrete jungle....warning there is brief side and bum nudity ;)

    Filmmaker: Bracken H'anuse Corlett

    Filmmaker Contact:


    uploaded date: 12-01-2009

  • 12m 30s

    Shaping Our Future

    uploaded by: IAF

    channel: Inuit Art Foundation (IAF)

    A brief overview of the activities of the non-profit Inuit Art Foundation, which exists to facilitate the creative expressions of Inuit artists and to foster a broader understanding of these expressions worldwide.

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Year of Production: 2004

    Country: Canada


    uploaded date: 11-12-2008

  • 4m 16s

    My Staus Card

    uploaded by: 7th Generation Image Makers

    channel: 7thGen

    In My Staus Card, Cheyenne Redman Gervais takes a long hard look at everyone's favourite piece of plastic...

    Filmmaker: Cheyenne Redman Gervais

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Producer's Name: 7th Generation image Makers

    Year of Production: 2006


    uploaded date: 13-02-2008

  • NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    uploaded by: Zacharias Kunuk

    Check out NITV Today (Community Networks)

    Nunavut Independent Television Network (formerly called Tarriaksuk Video Centre), based in Igloolik, Nunavut, is Canada's first artist-run media centre located in a remote Inuit community. Founded in 1991, NITV's mandate is to encourage and support the creation of artistic, community-based media productions that serve the objectives of self-representation and cultural/linguistic preservation by adapting Inuit oral traditions to modern media technologies. Specifically, NITV aims to expand local access television in Igloolik and link other Nunavut communities through NITV on IsumaTV 3.0, by developing the use of Internet-TV (IPTV) to increase the production and distribution of Inuktitut-language and other Aboriginal programming. NITV is one of the founding members of IsumaTV [], a collective multimedia internet platform for Inuit and Aboriginal media worldwide. NITV also is one of the founding partners in Digital Indigenous Democracy, an effort to bring global partners into a working collaboration through 3.0 internet and socio-political networking. As a "Northern Internet Distributor" NITV on IsumaTV is recognized as an "eligible broadcaster" by the Canada Media Fund to trigger CMF financing from the Aboriginal Fund Envelope. More information at


    uploaded date: 12-12-2007

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