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    uploaded by: clairelittoncohn

    channel: Amitturmiut

    Unikkaat Sivunittinnit: Messages from the past: 

    Dedicated to the elders of Igloolik

    Isuma Distribution International

    Producer, curator, photo: Zacharias Kunuk

    Video producer: Norman Cohn

    Recording engineer: Hani Habashi

    Copyright 1992 



    Atanarjuat soundtrack


    uploaded date: 21-10-2015

  • Old Iglulik

    uploaded by: kienan

    channel: Amitturmiut


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    uploaded date: 28-05-2015

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    Emile Immaroitok with Bernard Saladin d'Anglure, 1972, Trailer 10:01 ᓂᐲᑦ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ and English with French subtitles

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    channel: My Father's Land

    Emile Immaroitok with Bernard Saladin d'Anglure 1972, 10:01 ᓂᐲᑦ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ Inuktitut and English, French sub-titles. Assembled into a trailer of Zacharias Kunuk videos filmed over years on the hunt and in Igloolik, editor Carol Kunnuk.

    Bernard Saladin d’Anglure: So Immaroitok, you arrived at your camp at Steensby Inlet?

    Emile Immaroitok: Yes.


    uploaded date: 08-06-2012

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    Why this Project Of inuuja

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    channel: Inuujait

    This project of inuuja is a great teaching tool for a workshop that involves our culture and to show the last three generations of the life we have lived and how it has changed, when there was little wood and metal available in inuit settlements, when most of the inuit still lived in sod houses and when only a few house where made.

    This project of inujja is a great way to teach our youth and children.

    All the inujja are made in different clothing that where tough by our mothers, to teach us how to measure and make the clothing, that has been passed on by our antcoistors and we use them for our clothing, this was the way they would teach the girls to know knowledge and survive in their environment, learning how to sew and make clothing and what were their responsibilities.

    Inujjaa (inuit traditional dolls) that is made with small pieces of wood, bones and traditional clothing are the original inujjaa we would use, also the fur, bones and rock were the only one available for their toys.  The one who is making the original inujjaa is measuring the clothing that her mother had tought her.  This show a great way to learn and teach our culture. That is why I have decided to make the project of Inujjaa.


    uploaded date: 04-11-2011

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    it was hard to have inuuja

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    channel: Inuujait

    It was hard to get a new inujja because there was hardly any wood , when my father was making sled ( kamutti ) their would be small peaces and the wood was so breakable, my father made me one after he made the sled .


    uploaded date: 28-10-2011

  • 1m 29s

    first inuuja

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    channel: Inuujait

    Oh yes I can tell you what I remember. My mother's step sister Terase Kupaq had lots of inujja and they were properly dressed. I would cry because I wanted  one. The step mother of Paula made me one and it was tall and thin.

    Rebeca starts to laugh .


    uploaded date: 12-10-2011

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    Before Tomorrow Online Trailer

    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    channel: Arnait Video Productions

    Synopsis: In 1840, two isolated Inuit families reunite in celebration after many years of separation. These tribes have never met any white people, although rumours circulate about them. When Ninioq, an old woman, her best friend, Kuutujuuk, and her grandson, Maniq leave camp to dry fish on a remote island a strange illness attacks the camp.… Uqalimakkanirit

    uploaded date: 26-10-2009

  • 58m 16s

    Nunaqpa (Going Inland) 1991

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: MICH Living Archives

    Second Isuma recreated fiction, 1991. Summer in the 1930's. For Igloolik Inuit, it is the time of Nunaqpa, 'going inland,' the long walk in search of summer-fat caribou to catch enough meat for the hard winter ahead. Two families leave for the hunt, while the old couple waits by the shore for their return...


    uploaded date: 29-10-2006

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