Video Art

  • 3m 47s


    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: AanimII Atjecoutay

    Serpent-Bird man, feathered serpent, thunderbird underwater serpent or underwater-panther is the connecting factor between the west north east and south and the center, the grasslands are the meeting point of all the people, the RED Talkers are the intelligentsia-visoinaries and contraries that maintain a complex interaction on a large scale, science is a limited means of transmitting knowledge

    uploaded date: 25-11-2012

  • 9m 37s

    The UnHoly Trinity

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: AanimII Atjecoutay


    Global work camp or a global reservation but not to preserve an endangered species, but to insure an endless work-force consisting of a contemporary slave and servant to a corporate-government, so that one can worship their masters the Ultra-Rich, in comfort, in distress, in despair, in misery, or just surviving and to make the ends meet! 

    uploaded date: 24-11-2012

  • AanimII Atjecoutay

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    I am from Ka-wezauce “Little Boy First Nation (cowessess Saskatchewan Canada) Saulteaux/Cree of the Ojibwa Nation a descendant of the Anishinabek.

    uploaded date: 24-11-2012

  • 3m 51s


    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: leweaver's channel

    Montage of Pangnirtung and surrounding areas of Nunavut. Summer 2011.


    uploaded date: 31-01-2012

  • 4direcciones audio-visual

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    Diana Rico y Richard Decaillet son artistas plásticos y realizadores. Desde el 2006 trabajan juntos como 4direcciones audio-visual haciendo películas, exposiciones y publicaciones. El propósito de 4direcciones es preservar y promover la diversidad cultural y explorar la estrecha relación que existe entre el arte, el territorio y la biodiversidad.


    uploaded date: 19-09-2010

  • 2m 12s


    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: AVC

    Synopsis: Thornhill Haunted House on Halloween, All Saints Day.

    Filmmaker: Trifon Haitas

    Contact: trifon [at] avcmedia [dot] ca 

    Producer: Trifon Haitas

    Year of Production: 2008

    Distributor Information: 

    Country: Canada

    uploaded date: 29-07-2010

  • Killer Whale PR+M

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    KILLER WHALE PR+M is a group of individuals dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of indigenous and minority peoples. We offer services in publicity, marketing, consulting and project management for artists, cultural and educational institutions.

    Check in with us for the latest news on events, films, music and more.


    uploaded date: 22-06-2010

  • 10m 10s

    Une interview avec Kathia Rock artiste innue

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: ActionCréative-Reportages

    Synopsis: Action Créative présente: Une interview avec Kathia Rock Artiste Innue

    Filmmaker: César Caceres Rojas


    Producer: Action Créative

    Year of Production:2010

    Distributor Information:


    uploaded date: 09-03-2010

  • Some art I did in SVG format.

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: kjikaqawej-1

    Lately I've taken to doing any computer-based graphic arts in SVG, which is a very portable and XML-based format. It isn't a binary format like JPEG, PNG, but text, so you can edit it with a text editor that doesn't mangle things. The stuff I have on my web site is in SVG format, seen here:

    uploaded date: 25-02-2010