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  • Arctic Gateway Summit 2010 @ U of Winnepeg

    uploaded by: David Ertel

    channel: Isuma News

    Building on a commitment announced at the June 2009 Canada-Russia Intergovernmental Economic Commission in Moscow, the Manitoba Government, in partnership with the University of Winnipeg, is hosting an Arctic Summit, November 8 - 10, 2010 in Winnipeg.

    uploaded date: 09-11-2010

  • How do YOU Honor Life?

    uploaded by: Qajaaq Ellsworth

    channel: Inuusivut

    The Honoring Life Network wants to hear how YOU honour life, and is encouraging youth to submit an entry into one of three categories:

    1.Multimedia: videos, blogs, music videos etc.
    2.Visual: paintings, photographs etc.
    3.Written: Stories, songs, poems etc.

    uploaded date: 08-11-2010

  • National Aboriginal Leadership Seminar

    uploaded by: JCrowe

    The National Aboriginal Leadership Seminar is a one-day event in which Aboriginal leaders share their insight, knowledge and challenges to the student audience. Speakers aim to address topics such as the future challenges of today's youth and how Aboriginal leadership needs to develop to be successful in the future.

    uploaded date: 09-08-2010

  • Underreported Struggles #43, October 2010

    uploaded by: Ahni

    channel: Indigenous Struggles

    In this month's Underreported Struggles: 3,000 indigenous people stage a "silent protest" over a proposed Nuclear power project in India; Tibetan villagers confront Chinese workers for endangering sacred Mountain; over 41 thousand Mayans reject the exploitation of natural resources in Guatemala.

    uploaded date: 31-10-2010

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