Interviews from the World Conference on Indigenous Women (2013)

Indigenous Solutions, Not Victims

  • 1. Indigenous Solutions, Not Victims
    1m 39s
  • 2. First From Community to Attend this Conference
    3m 6s
  • 3. Building Worldwide Networks
    6m 14s
  • 4. Straddling Cultural and Geographic Borders
    3m 37s
  • 5. Saami Women Roles
  • 6. Rights Not Taught at Home
  • 7. Advice from Youth to Youth
    1m 28s
  • 8. Fighting Climate Change and Contamination
  • 9. Messages from Youth to Elders
  • 10. Messages to the World about Indigenous Peoples
    3m 55s

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Over 200 women from around the world gathered to discuss the need for greater prominence of Indigenous women at every level of decision making, and called upon governments to dedicate funding to attend to the specific needs of Indigenous women. These interviews were recorded at the World Conference on Indigenous Women, which took place in October of 2013 in Lima, Peru.

Interviews recorded and edited by Kaimana Barcarse.

*Images are property of UN WCIW

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