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LOCATION: Montréal,Québec

Producer and Workshop Artist

For the past five years I have been working with indigenous children, artists and media makers in the Canadian Arctic and Latin America, exploring new solutions using video, art and new media technologies as tools for social transformation.

With the help and guidance of a group of inspiring people, I designed ARTCO as a project to experiment ways in which we can explore and practice the power, the benefit, and the creative energy of collective action. The questions behind ARTCO were: How can children and youth use new media to share experience, resolve common problems and find new ways to communicate across old barriers? and What is the “tool-kit” they need to be active participants in the reality they live in?

Under the direction of Norman Cohn, I was responsible of the design and concept creation of an online platform for indigenous and non-indigenous media makers. Within Isuma I also coordinated DIAMA, a project for digitizing the Inuit and Aboriginal media archive; and, the Indigenous Film Network project for community film distribution.

I was born in Mexico City in 1979 and have lived in Montreal, Canada since 2006. I studied Sociology and Political Science. In Mexico I worked as a consultant for UNESCO and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Mexican Department for Education (SEP) and the Mexican Department for Social Development (SEDESOL).

I love being with my friends and family, yoga, walking, running, listening to music and I'm getting back to playing piano. Oh! and I love coffee!


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Link to: IsumaTV First Online Film Festival
IsumaTV First Online Film Festival from March 2 to April 1, brings international and remote viewers an exciting and engaging online program of indigenous feature films, documentaries and shorts. The...
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Gabriela Gamez
2015-03-09 12:46
Link to: Quartet for deafblind
Quartet for deafblind by Norman Cohn. 88 mins. b/w and color, Amherst, Nova Scotia. (c) Norman Cohn Video 1987. Medium quality h264kbs6000.
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Gabriela Gamez
2015-02-02 01:00
Link to: Cultural Survival
Cultural Survival partners with Indigenous Peoples to defend their lands, languages, and cultures. Their Indigenous Right Radio series in English, Spanish, and Indigenous languages showcases...
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Gabriela Gamez
2015-01-26 14:55
Link to: Igloolik Television - Channel 51
Igloolik is an island in the Nunavut territory of the Canadian Arctic, with a population of approximately 2000 Inuit. It is where Isuma, the first independent Inuit film production company, was born...
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Gabriela Gamez
2015-01-24 15:14
Link to: Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage (MICH)
A multi-media / multi-platform project that conducts collaborative research on the contribution of Inuit visual culture, art, and performance for Inuit language preservation, social well-being, and...
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Gabriela Gamez
2015-01-24 15:01