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Link to: Icebergs on ice, teaser
UPI production and Ujâvaaq Picturesteaser from « Iceberg on ice »camera and editing:Ulannaq Ingemann
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bertrand lozay
2015-02-13 23:39
Link to: Drum Dance Instructions/Jose Agutingurnirq
video & edit Joseph Quqqiaq Jr Taloyoak,Nunavut. Drum Dance Instructions by Jose Aguntingurnirq Kugaaruk,Nu.
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2014-05-04 05:28
Link to: Dancing Natsiaq's/2012 Square Dance Showdown/Taloyoak
video & edit Joseph Quqqiaq Jr Accordion music Joseph Quqqiaq Sr. Taloyoak,Nunavut "Dancing Natsiaq's 2012 square dance showdown" Taloyoak,Nu.
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2014-05-04 04:13
Link to: Men's Gathering/December 10-15,2014.Taloyoak Nu.
 Video & EditJoseph Quqqiaq Jr. Men's GatheringDecember 10-15,2014.Taloyoak Nu. 
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2015-02-02 06:58
Link to: Hercules rescue near Arviat, NU
by Reagan KrugerNear Arviat, NU Feb 2015.
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2015-02-11 18:15
Link to: madeskimo AV
a collection of original electronic music production, and public video archives and visual effects, madeskimo's AV draws a thread in a continuum of ideas about the frontier...
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2014-09-25 14:07
Link to: Takuyaksat # 100 _1992
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 15:31
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