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Link to: Server installment in Iqaluit
Footage of the server installment at the Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit. An IsumaTV server was also installed at the Iqaluit Centennial Library.Both internet servers, which...
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2010-12-04 12:31
Link to: Terraba
En enero de 2002, miembros de las comunidades indígenas del territorio de Térraba en el sur de Costa Rica filmó este vídeo con el fin de aclarar su oposición a la represa...
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2010-12-06 18:19
Link to: Noticias APC
Noticias de la Semana de la Agencia Pluriancional de Comunicación
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2010-12-20 10:52
Link to: Trailer for The Uluit
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Marie-Hélène Co...
2010-12-30 17:20
Link to: The Call of the Wolf, Return to the Sacred Hoop part 1
A video about the gathering of August 2010. Part 1... Un vidéo sur le rassemblement d'aout 2010. 1ere partie...
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2011-01-12 11:49
Link to: A Changing World
On Baffin Island, two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Some residents of Igloolik react to this development : they worry that this industrial development will...
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Marie-Hélène Co...
2011-01-13 18:49
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