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  • Angunasugiirtillugit (After the Hunt)

    Angunasugiirtillugit (After the Hunt)

    by: Gabriela Gamez

    --- IN DEVELOPMENT ---

    Angunasugiirtillugit (After the Hunt) is the companion website for the television series, Hunting with my Ancestors.

    This site will feature exclusive media content to expand on the stories presented in the television series and reveal to the viewers what happens after the hunt, engaging audiences in a wider perspective on the activities, nature and vital importance of hunting in Inuit culture. In addition to learning about the complete hunting process, visitors discover what happens after the hunt is over. How women, in each community, utilize every part of the animal, employing great skill and expertise: using the skins to make clothing or beading; cooking and preserving the meat; or distributing the animal in the community. 



  • Hunting With My Ancestors

    Hunting With My Ancestors

    by: Cara Di Staulo

    Documentary Series (in development)

    Produced by Kingulliit Productions

    Directed by Zacharias Kunuk

    Follow an ancient way of life in one of the harshest environments on earth as I take you Hunting with My Ancestors. 




  • Kitikmeot Inuit Association Social and Cultural Development

    Kitikmeot Inuit Association Social and Cultural Development

    by: KitiaPrograms

     The Department of Social and Cultural Development is responsible for planning, developing and managing KIA programs and services that enhance Inuit Culture, Language and wellness.

    The Department is responsible for accessing third-party funding and ensuring programs and services offered reflect the needs of Beneficiaries.

    The Department consists of 4 Staff: Julia Ogina-Programs Coordinator for Elders, Language & Culture, Sarah Jancke- Programs Coordinator Women & Youth, Vivienne Aleekee-Aknavigak-Benefits Agreement Coordinator & Jason Tologanak as Director.



  • Northern Public Affairs

    Northern Public Affairs

    by: Northern Public...

    Northern Public Affairs was founded in 2011 to provide space for informed policy discussion in and about the Canadian North. We are the only independent, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing diverse voices from across the North to analyze and comment on pressing public concerns.

    We do this through our regular online and print publishing activities, and the strong connections we have developed with Northern community members, Northern and southern research institutions, Indigenous organizations, policy-makers, journalists, and not-for-profit organizations who support our mandate and contribute to our goal of advancing meaningful public dialogue on the unique challenges facing Northern populations.





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