My Father's Land summary


18 June 2013


About My Father’s Land
By Zacharias Kunuk

Read complete text or download PDF I was born in 1957 in a sod house at Kapuivik in the middle of Ikpiq, the top of Foxe Basin, halfway between Kangirdlukjuak – Steensby Inlet – and my home community of Igloolik. My birthplace is like the ‘heart’ of the Baffinland Iron Mine impact area, the part that would change the most if and when the mine, railroad, deep-water port and supertanker shipping passing through it are approved to go ahead for the next 100 years. I traveled a long way from Kapuivik since 1957 in space and in time, from the Stone Age to the Digital Age in one generation. As an Inuk I caught caribou, seals, walrus, wolves, ptarmigan, belugas, narwhal, polar bear, snow geese, muskox and arctic char, all harvested for food, skins and oil to keep my family well-fed and warm. As a filmmaker I showed my work, my language and my culture at the Cannes Film Festival and Adelaide, Australia, in New York and Paris, in Alert Bay on Vancouver Island and Tromso in arctic Norway. I learned more about my culture and Inuit ways, and more about the outside world and how it works.

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