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Arctic Indigenous Languages Symposium: Lars Anders Baer


21 November 2008


Lars Anders Baer speaks at the Arctic Indigenous Languages Symposium in Tromso, Norway on October 21tst 2008. Lars Anders Baer is a reindeer herder and President of the Swedish Saami Parliament. He is also the Arctic representative at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Lars has been a key figure in the Saami Council since the mid 1970s and has been active in the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations since 1983. Between 187 and 1989, when ILO revised Convention No. 107 and replaced it with the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (No. 169) adopted in June 1989, Mr. Baer was involved in this work both as a n NGO-representative and as expert in the governmental delegation. He is also involved in indigenous-related matters at the World Intellectual Property Organization and UNESCO, and has been a research fellow at the Nordic Sami Institute, Kautokeino, Norway and a visiting researcher at the University of Finnish Lapland in Rovanemi, Finland.

Year of Production: 2008

Country: Canada

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15m 33s


Tromsø, Norway

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