Films Using Actors

  • Inuusivut

    uploaded by: Qajaaq Ellsworth

    The Inuusivut Project is a national initiative of the Embrace Life Council and the National Inuit Youth Council. The primary objective of the project is to learn, document and share - through a variety of multi-media techniques - how Inuit perceive, express, develop, foster and promote mental health.… Read more

    uploaded date: 04-02-2010

  • 2h 41m 51s

    Atanarjuat The Fast Runner

    uploaded by: Zacharias Kunuk

    channel: Isuma Features

    Inuit epic set in ancient Igloolik, Atanarjuat The Fast Runner is a life-threatening struggle of love, jealousy, murder and revenge between powerful natural and supernatural characters, Canada's first feature film written, produced, directed, and acted by Inuit. 2001 Camera d'or, Cannes Film Festival; Best Picture, 2002 Genie Awards; #1 Canadian Film of the Decade, Macleans, CTV.

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    uploaded date: 31-12-2009

  • 5m 6s

    My Own Private Lower Post

    uploaded by: IsumaTV

    channel: imagineNATIVE08

    My Own Private Lower Post is the story of Duane Gastant' Aucoin, a two-spirited Tlingit, as he seeks to understand how his mother Vicky Bob’s trials at Lower Post Indian Residential School have influenced his life. As she shares her story, he comes to understand how he too is a survivor.… Read more

    uploaded date: 01-01-2009

  • 28m 54s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Program: Amittuqmiut (People from the Amittuqmiut Area): Amittuqmiut has a reputation for fine cinematography and excellent traditional programs. An information program, including topics such as hunting and hunting methods, sewing techniques, legends, stories and historical features. Paul Apak, one of the producers has been a member of two international expeditions as an IBC cameraman.… Read more

    uploaded date: 26-09-2019

  • 29m 52s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Producer: Igloolik Inuit Broadcasting, Nunavut

    Host: Paul Aapak

    Segment 1: Inuit broadcasting Corporation crew is at the scene of the movie Qaggiq: Gathering Place.
    Zacharius Kunuk and Norman Cohn talks about how the movie came into production. Actors are interviewed about their role in the film

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    uploaded date: 23-09-2019

  • 7m 23s

    Tungijuq (What We Eat)

    uploaded by: IsumaTV

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Tungijuq (What We Eat), Isuma, Kunuk Cohn Productions 2009, Producer Stephane Rituit, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktut.

    Inuit jazz throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, talk back to Brigitte Bardot and anti-sealhunting lobby on the eternal reality of hunting.

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    uploaded date: 12-03-2019

  • 4K Panasonic Camera Added to Creative Tools

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

     Here is my 4 K Panasonic camera for my upcoming birthday. Top of the line prosumer camera. Canon will be my B roll camera, so ready for camera production work folks. My old Panasonic serve me well from 2010 - 2016 till it took a splash of sea water June 2016.… Read more

    uploaded date: 24-07-2016

  • Character Bios

    uploaded by: Edge of Knife

    All characters are Haida and will speak in either Skidegate or Massett Haida.

    S indicates speaker of Skidegate dialect
    N indicates speaker of Massett dialect

    **We would happily cast families as a whole. Please let us know if you and your family would like to audition together.


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    uploaded date: 16-06-2016

  • Kitikmeot Inuit Association Social and Cultural Development

    uploaded by: KitiaPrograms

     The Department of Social and Cultural Development is responsible for planning, developing and managing KIA programs and services that enhance Inuit Culture, Language and wellness.

    The Department is responsible for accessing third-party funding and ensuring programs and services offered reflect the needs of Beneficiaries.

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    uploaded date: 25-04-2016

  • LN_MTL

    uploaded by: LN09

     Je suis étudiante à la maîtrise en médias socionumériques à l'UQAM. Voici quelques éléments qui me représente. Au plaisir !

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    uploaded date: 03-04-2016

  • 29m 32s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 2

    Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
    Producer: Rankin Inlet – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Noah Tiktaq
    Segment 1: John Ayaruak interviews Paul Quassa about his trip to Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut. He also talks about land use for Inuit.… Read more

    uploaded date: 04-02-2016