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For The Late Patrick Morin


05 October 2021


 Thank you Creator for another day . A day to say hello to your children in this world. Thank you all for stopping by am sad, lost, and feeling all that makes us human but grateful for this day to breath, to share, to help, to give, even if I have nothing to give. I am humbled by such grace because nothing is promised in life, tomorrow is no guarantee, and family and friends are more important than ever in these days of providence and change. As some many know, my baby brother Patrick Morin died of late. I and the family did not find out till October 2nd, 2021 when I received an email from a person who knew him. He was the most affected by the 60s Scoop experience and we were all separated June 1958. Foster homes and many many years later, I first met him and our older brother Summer 1974. We kept contact, till 1977 when Jimy Morin died, and that affected Patrick greatly and sadly. Nevertheless, he survived all the bad side of colonialism and was a gentle soul near the end of his life. Like oar less boats on the water, we slowly float in the consciousness of the universe; thinking we have all the tools in life to fulfill a kid's dreams, aspirations, realizations and creative willingness to succeed on the ladder of life taught and drilled in us by (then unknown) the many educational, political apparatuses of The Affirmative Culture. From either conforming or rebelling to such moments in life's learnings, nothing compares to the experiential teachings of each and everyone one of us in how we walk or move through life and how we met, interact, and create with the one, two , three or more humans we come across in life. If anything good that came out of my 60s Scoop experience, which will not go over, it was the moments as a foster child lying in a field of Grass and talking to God to find out why I felt so troubled from the life I had. From baby, to child to man. It was that artistic connection that give me strength and some sort of connection to this existence we all share. From the ability to share my theatrical, filmic, musical talents and the "word" in my work to all of you, gives me hope, love and peace in understanding the "human condition". All I desire without the many temptations of life, is to be a servant of the most high creating in his glory in serving his children within his creation. I wrote this song for the ward of the crown of which Patrick was. God be with you all, May God bless you all in Jesus's name XOXOXO. AS IS , because it was recorded off an iPhone, ambience so apologies and other sounds

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