Artcirq Jam

Siipingua Artcirq Jam
Silence Temporel Artcirq Jam
Another Drop Artcirq Jam
Oh Yeah Artcirq Jam
Rapsong Artcirq Jam
Asu Artcirq Jam
Aullaq Artcirq Jam
Polaire Artcirq Jam
Ajurnararunniisuu Artcirq Jam
Jacky Qrunnut Artcirq Jam
Jacky Qrunnuniruma Artcirq Jam
Ililarlugu & Sugar Artcirq Jam

About this audio album

A music album made by some of the members of Artcirq.



A music album made by some of the members of Artcirq.


Based in Igloolik, Nunavut, a remote Inuit community in the Baffin islands, Artcirq is a unique and distinctively Inuit circus and multi-media production group that aims to give youth the space, the skills and the opportunities to express themselves. The youth share their creativity with the world thru performances, workshops, music and video productions. Artcirq uplifts its members and the community as it creates role models and connects Inuit youth to their traditions and to themselves. Braking thru barriers and conventions, they discover their potential and live their dreams.




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The album is now available on iTunes!


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I need the lyrics too!

i love this song!


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How can i get the lyrics?..

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