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  • Time Machine Presentation

    by: Gabriela Gamez

    Time Machine is a project to make Inuit comic stories using iPods or mobiles.

    Elders and youth share stories and turn them into comics. When they finish their stories, a comic book is printed so everyone can share with friends, family and other people around the world.


    Time Machine is a project from Kingulliit Productions uploaded on IsumaTV.


  • Tumit Production

    by: Tumit Production

     Tumit Production is a small Greenlandic film company, we´ve made 3 films in greenland so far wich have had succes all of them.

    We´ve made Hinnarik Sinnattunilu (Henry and his dreams) Comedy 2010

    Qaqqat Alanngui (Shadows in the mountains) Horror 2011

    Unnuap Taarnerpaaffiani (When the darkness comes) Horror 2014


  • IsumaTV Exclusive

    by: IsumaTV

    IsumaTV and NITV present an exclusive channel with select films available to view online on IsumaTV. We are collaborating with a wide range of artists and filmmakers and are proud to host these shared works.


  • Time Machine

    by: Gabriela Gamez

    What is Time Machine?

    Time Machine is a project designed to make comic stories on the web using computers, iPods or any mobile device. Elders and youth can share stories and turn them into comics. When finished, a comic book is printed so everyone can share with friends, family, and people around the world!

    Time Machine is a visual tool that allows teachers, students, youth and elders, to share stories about the way Inuit used to live, how they live today, and how they foresee their future. Reconnecting to our ancestral knowledge and myths, observing the present and imagining the future through an visual tool can change the reality we live in and the future we are creating.

    Time Machine is the digital media component to Innarijatini Unikatuat (Stories of Our Elders). As Zacharias Kunuk uses modern filmmaking and animation to project traditional Inuit storytelling into the 21st century, Time Machine uses comics through a digital app to visualize the past, present and future.

    A project from Kingulliit Productions hosted on IsumaTV.


  • Aboriginal Student Centre

    by: ASC Admin

    The ASC cultivates a respectful and welcoming atmosphere that encourages student empowerment, identity, community connection and Indigenous ways of learning. The ASC acts as a central hub for all students on campus, faculty, staff and community to gather and find a sense of belonging in the larger university environment.