Baffinland urges for more collaboration on Mary River project

As the July hearings approach, it is evident that Baffinland wants to hurry up the process, especially relating to the environmental effects assessment (EIS). Demands for more information by Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) regarding the environmental impact of the proposed mine have been met with some hostility on the part of Baffinland. Erick Madsen, the company’s vice-president of sustainable development, health, safety and environment has stated that more questioning prior to the final report will only slow the process down, and threaten the development of the mine. At QIA’s demand, Baffinland has decided to set-up more technical meetings prior to the final hearings, but not without voicing their doubts.

Madsen claims it is unnecessary to raise further issues since, “the information is not required to complete the review of the environmental effects assessment.” Madsen has also disregarded QIA’s complaint that the EIS is written in a language that is too technical with summaries that are “inaccurate and confusing.” Madsen has claimed that the EIS is by nature a complex technical document that meets the NIRB requirements.

But if the organizations and the individuals they represent, those Baffinland have promised to consult and inform in a fair and decent way, are not receiving clear explanations then who is to blame? Does Baffinland not have the obligation to provide clear and accessible information to those they promised to inform? It seems as though there is a lack of accountability here..

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