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21 January 2009


This video showcases the Pangnirtung Travel-Study Course hosted by Native Studies and Environment, University of Manitoba, which allows students to live and learn amongst the Inuit

Filmmaker: Ian Mauro

Filmmaker Contact:


ianmauro [at] uvic [dot] ca

Producer's Name: Ian Mauro

Year of Production: 2008

Distributor Information:


Ian Mauro

Country: Canada

Region: Baffin Island

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6m 2s


baffin island, elders, Inuit, native studies, Nunavut, Pangnirtung, Travel-study, university of manitoba


English, Inuktitut


Baffin Island, NU, Canada

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  • 1m 23s

    Polar Bears Cannot Be In Danger

    uploaded by: Ian Mauro

    channel: Ian Mauro

    Inuit we've spoken with believe that nanuuit - polar bears - are increasing in abundance. The stories of elders clearly indicate that in the past this great animal was not seen often, but when it was, it was a very special event. In Inuit society, the bear is revered for its intelligence, strength and importance within the foodchain.

    uploaded date: 14-11-2009

  • 10m 10s

    From the stone to digital age in a human lifetime

    uploaded by: Ian Mauro

    channel: Ian Mauro

    Zach said to me this spring that "In my lifetime, I've gone from the stone age to the digital age". This is the video to prove it. See our crew in action as we coordinate our project between Winnipeg, a campsite miles outside of Igloolik, and Saudi Arabia using satellite and internet technology. Arguably this is the first indigenous broadcast from "the land" ever done.

    uploaded date: 14-10-2009

  • 3m 31s

    "Hockey Season" and Climate Change Video

    uploaded by: Ian Mauro

    channel: Ian Mauro

    We finished the edit on this short video this evening. It tells Johnny Kilabuk's "Hockey Season" story about climate change. This story shows that climate change is affecting Inuit of all ages and backgrounds. From traditional hunting to hockey, climate change is seriously affecting the lifeways of Arctic people.

    uploaded date: 10-10-2009