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The International Sami Film Centre is searching an indigenous film production company to collaborate on a filmproject, please take contact if you have ideas.



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 Aloha --

My name is Charlene Shovic (originally Sjovik, I believe), and my husband and I have our own video production company here in Honolulu, Hawaii, called "Manoa Productions."  I have very little Sami blood, as I believe my great-grandma came from Sweden and was 1/4 herself, but that blood has certainly impacted my life and my career.  I have been drawn to anthropology and the study of cultures and beliefs, but especially I have been drawn to the power of storytelling and our use of story to make sense of our lives.  I have studied digital storytelling and have taught workshops, and have also started producing videos for a living.  Going to Scandinavia and documenting the many stories needing telling is a dream for me.  I have experience in teaching people to document their own stories, which is different from me coming in with a camera and editing it as I see fit.  There is power in story telling, and story listening.  I would love to foster storytelling in digital media.  I'm open to ideas and would love to talk further.    Best, Charlene Caprio Shovic Gardner 


EMAIL: contact [at] manoaproductions [dot] com

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Hey all! I am not an indigenous film company, but my latest films "Melting Lands" and "Papikatuk"

were filmed in Nunavik and speak about the rapid changes happening in the North, all from the

perspective of the Inuit.


Check the trailer at

And Papikatuk at


I would love to screen these films sometime in the North if you know of any opportunities for me to do so that would be great!


Have a great day!


Greg Hemmings

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