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Documentaries and Short Films

All Grade Levels

With over 20 years experience producing media, including films, TV and Internet, to preserve and enhance Inuit culture and language, Isuma Distribution International now offers educators a collection of DVDs on Inuit culture and life in Nunavut, Canada. Included in this collection are contemporary documentaries and short films and a series depicting the traditional nomadic lifestyle lived by the Inuit of the Arctic in the 40's. All films are in Inuktitut, with English and/or French subtitles, and are written, produced, directed, and acted by Inuit, giving students the unique opportunity to learn about a culture from its native people.

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The Journals of Knud Rasmussen

In spring of 2005, the feature film The Journals of Knud Rasmussen was shot in the high Arctic community of Igloolik.

Visit The Journals website to learn more about the film and the history which inspired it's making.

Live from the Set is the daily journal of this most unusual production. Over the course of 38 days, our reporters produced a rich media journal featuring videos, photos and interviews with the cast and crew.

Explore the Encyclopedia

A great collection of current and archival images from the north. Jump on the qamutik for an arctic adventure!

The Great Arctic Hunter

The Great Arctic Hunter game. An adventure of skill, strategy, and survival set in the Canadian Arctic in the 1930's. Let's hunt!

Isuma Inuit Classic Collection: 1987-2007

Twenty Years of Filmmaking from an Inuit Point of View

More Inuit Culture Education Resources

Buy the complete Isuma film collection in an elegant compact boxed set of 32 DVDs representing 20 years of Inuit films by Zacharias Kunuk and Igloolik Isuma Productions. Suitable for schools, universities, libraries, museums and any collectors of Inuit filmmaking, the Isuma Inuit Classic Collection comprises the most complete film library of any indigenous culture in history, telling its own stories by its own members in its own language and point of view.

This DVD collection includes Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, winner of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival Camera d’or; The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, Opening Night selection of the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival; the 1994-95 classic 13-episode TV series, Nunavut (Our Land); and sixteen short films and documentaries including Kiviaq vs Canada, Kunuk Family Reunion, My First Polar Bear, Shaman Stories and Urban Inuk. Also included is Isuma’s first youth drama, Issaituq (Waterproof), co-produced with Igloolik’s Artcirq Youth Group, and to follow at no extra charge, Isuma’s third feature film, Before Tomorrow, written and directed by the Arnait Inuit Women’s Collective, to be released in spring 2008.

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Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum

5 films, 1 audio CD, Inuit Studies Reader anthology, plus 100 page Curriculum Guide Suitable for teachers Grades 4-6

Bringing Inuit culture into primary schools for the International Polar Year, Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum (EICC) is a multi-media unit for grades 4-6 about Inuit culture, the Arctic and Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut. Lesson plans aligned to elementary curricula are based on five DVDs and a music CD from the Igloolik Isuma Productions media collection. Following a 100-page curriculum guide written and field-tested by elementary school teachers, teachers and students explore the richness of Inuit culture and unique Canadian Arctic from an Inuit point of view. Download a PDF flyer or Sample Lesson Plan (requires Acrobat reader).

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