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TV Show Video Clip – Greenland's Community Lay-Midwife Program


29 June 2010


Synopsis: This short video was recorded for broadcast on "Qanuqtuurniq - Finding the Balance", a three-part TV series about Inuit wellness. The series, produced by Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization, aired live on APTN North in Canada and 360 North in Alaska in May 2009. About this video: you will see what it means for the women and families in Greenland to have access to care in their own language and from a midwife of the same culture.

Filmmaker: Director: Inngi Lennert Olsen; Assistant Producer: Ruth Montgomery-Andersen

Contact: Inuit Tuttarvingat, National Aboriginal Health Organization

Producer: Inuit Tuttarvingat, National Aboriginal Health Organization

Year of Production: 2009

Distributor Information: Inuit Tuttarvingat; E-mail: inuit@naho.ca; Web site: wwww.inuitwellness.ca; Toll-free: 1-877-602-4445

Country: Canada

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5m 1s


Greenland midwives




Greenland, Sisimiut

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