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11 March 2011


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  • "Monty" part 2

    by: Paul Felix Murphy

    channel: pfelixm

     Continuing  from "Sydney Montague RCMP" with photos from Port Burwell (Killinek Island), the eastern Arctic, 1926-29. Sydney ("Monty") Montague went up as a 23-year-old Mountie. He was born in Montreal, 1903, and died in Los Angeles, 1972.  His widow, Hazel, had been born in Owen Sound, Ontario, and met Monty when he was training in Regina.


  • Sydney Montague RCMP

    by: Paul Felix Murphy

    channel: pfelixm

    Sydney Montague was stationed in Port Burwell, Quebec, (Killinek Island) as an RCMP constable, June, 1926 -- January, 1929. He left the force after leaving the Eastern Arctic and spent the next thirty years on a Speaker's Circuit, talking about his experiences in the Arctic. He wrote two books, ("North to Adventure" and "I Lived with the Eskimos" (language of the 1940's).