123-07173OT-Takuginai-happy song and card game

Mary Ineak sings "If you're happy and you know it" with two children, Tooneejoulee Kootoo and Mialia Shiutiapik, and plays an animal card game. Miali Ainia marruunik surusiinni ingiqatiqaqtillugu "quviasummarikuviimi" ammalu pinguaqatiqaqtillugu uumajuit missaanut.


96-07175OT-Takuginai-strawberry picking

Ottawa Inuit go strawberry picking and do cultural activities. Aatuvaami Inuit nunivattillugit paungarni ammalu qilaujjaqtillugi.


23-07080OT-Takuginai-Easter games

Easter games in Iqaluit. Tuqutauviani pinnguaqtut Iqalunni.


21-07101OT-Takuginai-outdoor games-1

Nakasuk students play outdoor games and receive awards for winning. Nakasuup ilinniaqtingit pinnguaqtut silami ammalu pitaaqattaqsutik pinnguarusiarminik.



Program: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: John Ajaruaq
Location: Rankin Inlet
Segment 1: At the Fishing Derby in Rankin Inlet, the public competes to catch the biggest fish. People also play a variety of games.


Program name: Qaujisaut


Program name: Qimaivvik
Qimaivvik was a cultural show produced in Baker Lake or Igloolik, but included segments from all of IBC’s centres. Topics included: storytelling, hunting and sewing techniques, legends, language, and other traditional practices such as igloo building, etc.
Producer: Rankin Inlet Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Albert Kimmaliarjuk

Umingmak Frolics 2015 Opening and Cadets Inspection

Umingmak Frolics Opening Ceremony and Cadets Inspection

Runs 54mins 46 secs.

Opening ceremonies of the spring festival, Umingmak Frolics.

Cadets Inspection and Awards held at the Community Hall.

Shot and Edited by John Main. May 14, 2015.

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut


00400IQ+1983-Inuk Christmas 1983 Highlights

Producer: Iqaluit - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Christmas time performances and games in 1983.

Segment 1: Iqalummiut Apex Community Hall Games.

Segment 2: Iqalummiut Anglican Choir.

Segment 3: Aviammiut elders playing stick games.

Segment 4: Iqalummiut Parish Hall Games.

Segment 5: Igloolik Community Hall including Charlie Panigoniak singing.

qaujisaut Easter Special _1993

Easter Special - 1993

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