Bruce Cockburn lends his voice to suicide prevention and the Collateral Damage Project

Canadian singer-songwriter and internationally recognized humanitarian Bruce Cockburn, is lending his voice to suicide prevention by partnering with the Collateral Damage Project. The Order of Canada recipient is releasing a video calling for a dialogue on suicide. To view the video, go to www.leftbehindbysuicide.org

Birth: Past and Present

 In 2012, the National Aborignal Council of Midwives was invited into five communities across Canada to speak about birth, past and present, the return of birth and what that would mean to Aboringal cultures, health, and nationhood.

Idle No More Protest Montreal

 An Idle No More protest in Montreal.

Thanks to Pierre Chauvin for sharing the video.

Idle No More Articles

 This is a document full of useful articles all about the Idle No More movement:

Idle No More

This channel is a compilation of videos, articles, and photos documenting Idle No More activities. Idle No More is an ongoing movement of among aboriginal peoples and their non-aboriginal supporters across the world. The movement has inspired protests in towns and cities across Canada, the US, and other countries.  Much of the protest is in reaction to the many pieces of legislation the Harper government has implemented that imposes on Aboriginals across Canada.

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What Mexihcah New Year is

Youth and Culture

Youth and Education

For the coming generations thoughts


First Nations and Canadian Citizenship Take the stage At Stratford

First Nations and Canadian Citizenship Take the stage At Stratford

Amherst, MA

A special concert sponsored by the Amherst College, Department of Music;  with Jean Martin (percussion) and Jesse Zubot (violin). The group will give a pre-concert presentation and Tanya will lead a discussion / workshop on March 7th.

love letter no 2

slow motion on a 250 000 souls crowd
both arms up, pointing towards the sky
besides you, a young woman screams with anger
marching ahead of you; your friends that you lost
an ecstatic moment of wholeness
made you stop to contemplate
by the window of an old apartment
a 90 years old woman waves, looking down

OurStory: Six Sisters of the Stolen Generation

The six aboriginal Australian Warrell sisters are part of the generation of stolen children who were taken from their parents and raised in a Benedictine mission to alienate them from their indigenous culture in an attempt to better assimilate them into white society.

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