In 2009, Rachel Uyarasuk, elder of the Inuit community of Igloolik (Nunavut), evokes the ancestors whose name she received at birth. She explains how this transmission ensured their return among the world of the living.

A film by Christin Merlhiot

France, 2014, 11 minutes, animation

Inuktitut with English & French subtitles

Pi'õnhitsi | Unnamed Xavante Women (english subtitles)

Indigenous People: Xavante

Since 2002, Divino Tserewahú tried to make a film about the female initiation rite, no longer practiced in any other Xavante village, but since he started filming, the ritual is interrupted. Young and old discuss the difficulties and resistances involved in making this celebration.

The 7 Fires Prophecy told by Grandfather Commanda

The 7 Fires Prophecy told by Grandfather William Commanda, with Louise and Jacob Wawatie holding the wampum belt,

The Anishnabe history of Turtle Island,

Filmed in 2008 at A Circle of All Nations, A Culture of Peace.

Footage from the beginning of the IronWood Log Project.

Songs by Wayquay, Tribal Grind, with her kind permission.

Playlist: Family, Elders, and Stories from the Past

Collection of videos and films showcasing elders' voices, family histories, and stories from the past. 

I will Come Back As A BABY

Je reviendrai comme un enfant

Actor Nasi Sayegh, a stranger in a foreign land, listens to stories of naming from the residents of the Arctic community of Igloolik, drawing a wonderful interrogation on identity.

A film by Christian Merlhiot

France, 2013, 92 minutes

English & French Subtitles

Regional Mens Gathering 2013 2

Video of Kitikmeot Regional Men's gathering in Kugaaruk 

Taloyoak, Kugluktuk, Kugaaruk, Gjoan Haven and Cambridge Bay

Run Time 39 mins 55 secs

Cambridge Bay Television

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A Word From the BearBerry-Picker

My name is


I present to you my insightful-cynical and dark humor of the civilized world



A small roundish juicy fruit without a stone... 

Over the past 500 years, the Indigenous peoples have managed to resist and survive the civilizing process but much has been lost. Now we must rebuild our memory and determine on what basis we will build our future. The BearBerry-Picker is a contemporary and Neo-Waabanoo experience and does not purport to represent a trible tradition in stone. It is a declaration of war based on the order imposed upon us by the dominant cultures of which I deny the right to validate my understanding of the current world around us

Hello world!

Your children will grow in numbers beyond control with a legacy of unconscious hate and ignorance for all that is natural.

Armed with the “GREED POWER” that you have instilled. They are your children and you do beLIEve that they are far more important then any other living being, and so,they will do their biding for you and be forced to live a legacy of filth lies and feces that you have empower them with.

May you all Prosper and Win on the surface of EARTH, with your unconscious violent acts that you have and will commit though your evil and ratchet Child of DOOM!

Most of humanity has become completely dependent on
corporate-government and Monotheism/organize religions…
to feed it,
to clothe it,
to house it,
to doctor it,
to educate it
to give it work
And to tell it what god/science to beLIEve.

Technology/Business commerce is the “god” to worship.


Without the civilized institutions IT would parish.
It has absolutely no skills and knowledge of self-reliance or self-sustianablity, It is a currency dependent servant/slave to the civilized system that is in full speed, running into the very “technological” wall that it has built.

It has become a parasite, with no real purpose; but for its own greed and its insecure notions.

Is thee only real evil that exists.

At this moment I am one of very few, 
Denying all the egocentric, self-pleasuring services and commodities of Civilization.
Living a healthy coherent existence, as I possibly can, without industrialized Factory Farmed Meat/vegetation, Alcohol/Drugs, marijuana, Refined Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

I Vow my eternal unconditional Love and Commitment To the Great Mother
Because I maybe her only child
I will sacrifice as many as I possible can
The Greedy Consuming Civilian

With their pretended kindness
As they feast on the flesh of the innocent and discard their helpless remains into the trash…


Animal and Human Animal First

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