Kitikmeot Inuit Association Social and Cultural Development

 The Department of Social and Cultural Development is responsible for planning, developing and managing KIA programs and services that enhance Inuit Culture, Language and wellness.

The Department is responsible for accessing third-party funding and ensuring programs and services offered reflect the needs of Beneficiaries.

The Department consists of 4 Staff: Julia Ogina-Programs Coordinator for Elders, Language & Culture, Sarah Jancke- Programs Coordinator Women & Youth, Vivienne Aleekee-Aknavigak-Benefits Agreement Coordinator & Jason Tologanak as Director.

30-07103OT-Takuginai-Family Fun Fair

People have a Family Fun Fair at Leo Ussak Elementary School. Ilagit pinnguaruluujaqtitaujut Leo Ussak ilinniarvingani.


29-07125OT-Takuginai-flying on a kite

Anirniq and Johnny fly a kite. Anirniq asks Johnny if he wants to go on the kite and he says 'yes.' Johnny gets on the kite and has lots of fun flying. Anirniq ammalu Jaani anurisiutimilk qangattaqtigialimmik qangatatijuuk. Anirniq apirilluni Jaanimik qangattaqtigialimmut ikimagumangmangaat. Jaani angiqtuq amma qangataliqtuni paanialuk silami.


27-07096OT-Takuginai-storybook about sliding

Mary Ineak reads a book called "Siturariaqtaa?" (Let's go sliding?) with Johnny. Miali Iniak ammalu Jaani uqalimaaqtuuk uqalimaagarmik "Siturariaqtaa?".



Anirniq, Mary Ineak and Johnny go sliding in Iqaluit. Anirniq, Miali Ainiak ammalu Johnny tisurariasimatillugit Iqalunni.


17-07183OT-Takuginai-babysitting and exercising

Johnny babysits Miisi. Miisi won't stop crying. Pukki helps him by exercising together with the baby. There's also a video of a man doing some exercises. Jaani pisimattitillugu Miisimi. Miisi qianginnaliqttu kisiani pukki isirngat qiagunniiqtu iqailisaqatigilirmagu.


8-07132OT-Takuginai-sewing an amauti for a doll

Naita Illauq makes an amauti for her daughter's doll. Naita Illauq amautinngualiuqtuq paningata qiturnganguanganut.



Program name: Qaujisaut (To See, To Find Out)


Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
Producer: Rankin Inlet – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Noah Tiktaq
Segment 1: A variety of people take the microphone to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Marija Aliyak
Location: Rankin Inlet
Segment 1: This is about the fire that ruined the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation production centre in Rankin Inlet. This video shows the staff setting up the new centre.

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