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My name is


I present to you my insightful-cynical and dark humor of the civilized world


A small roundish juicy fruit without a stone... 

Over the past 500 years, the Indigenous peoples have managed to resist and survive the civilizing process but much has been lost. Now we must rebuild our memory and determine on what basis we will build our future. The BearBerry-Picker is a contemporary and Neo-Waabanoo experience and does not purport to represent a trible tradition in stone. It is a declaration of war based on the order imposed upon us by the dominant cultures of which I deny the right to validate my understanding of the current world around us

Hello world!

Your children will grow in numbers beyond control with a legacy of unconscious hate and ignorance for all that is natural.

Armed with the “GREED POWER” that you have instilled. They are your children and you do beLIEve that they are far more important then any other living being, and so,they will do their biding for you and be forced to live a legacy of filth lies and feces that you have empower them with.

May you all Prosper and Win on the surface of EARTH, with your unconscious violent acts that you have and will commit though your evil and ratchet Child of DOOM!

Most of humanity has become completely dependent on
corporate-government and Monotheism/organize religions…
to feed it,
to clothe it,
to house it,
to doctor it,
to educate it
to give it work
And to tell it what god/science to beLIEve.

Technology/Business commerce is the “god” to worship.


Without the civilized institutions IT would parish.
It has absolutely no skills and knowledge of self-reliance or self-sustianablity, It is a currency dependent servant/slave to the civilized system that is in full speed, running into the very “technological” wall that it has built.

It has become a parasite, with no real purpose; but for its own greed and its insecure notions.

Is thee only real evil that exists.

At this moment I am one of very few, 
Denying all the egocentric, self-pleasuring services and commodities of Civilization.
Living a healthy coherent existence, as I possibly can, without industrialized Factory Farmed Meat/vegetation, Alcohol/Drugs, marijuana, Refined Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

I Vow my eternal unconditional Love and Commitment To the Great Mother
Because I maybe her only child
I will sacrifice as many as I possible can
The Greedy Consuming Civilian

With their pretended kindness
As they feast on the flesh of the innocent and discard their helpless remains into the trash…


Animal and Human Animal First



According to the original telling of the Anishaanabek, the first council of spirits was held Center-of-Earth, and it was called by the Upper-Air Spirits to ask assistance of the Under-Earth Spirits in saving a strange, unfurred group of animals.



The Gift of the Bear


The plant contains arbutin,, a bitter principle, ursolic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid, some essential oil and resin,hydroquinones (mainly arbutin, up to 17%), tannins (up to 15%), phenolic glycosides and flavonoids.


In tradition the stories will only be posted in the winter months as they where told in the past when the tribal peoples retired to their lodges and spent many cold days and nights at a time telling one story, It is said that it could take more then three days to tell one story. 


Of plants animals peoples and geological events that would indicate there presents before the time of the Bering Strait Theory , on both sides of the northern Isthmus that was once there that separates Turtle Island and Asia.

Remember all Ancient stories are welcome here.

Thank you 

The plant contains arbutin,, a bitter principle, ursolic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid, some essential oil and resin,hydroquinones (mainly arbutin, up to 17%), tannins (up to 15%), phenolic glycosides and flavonoids.

The leaves are picked any time during the summer and dried for use in infusions, liquid extracts, medicinal tea bags and tablets. The plant has the following claimed properties: anti-lithic, aromatic, astringent, disinfectant, diuretic, lithontripic, sedative (renal), stimulant (mild), tonic, urinary antiseptic. It has been used to treat arthritis, back pain (lower), bed wetting, bile problems, bladder infections, bloating, bright’s disease, bronchitis, cararrh of the bladder, cystitis, diabetes (by removing excessive sugar from the blood), diarrhea, fevers, fluid retention, gallstones, gonorrhea, headache (smoked), haemorrhoids, indigestion, kidney stones, kidney infections, liver problems, lung congestion, excessive menstruation, nephritis, obesity, pancreatitis, prostate gland weakness, rheumatism, chronic urethritis, vaginal discharge, vaginal diseases, and water retention.

It is claimed to strengthen the heart muscle and urinary tract, return the womb to its normal size after childbirth, and prevents uteral infection. It is also claimed to be a powerful tonic for the sphincter muscle of the bladder so it helps with bladder control problems. It has a strong bacteriostatic action against Staphylococci and e. coli.The leaves have strong astringent properties.

Bearberry is relatively safe, although large doses may cause nausea, green urine, bluish-grey skin, vomiting, fever, chills, severe back pain, ringing in the ears (some people can withstand up to 20g and others show signs of poisoning after just 1g); take no more than 7–10 days at a time.

It should not be used by people who are pregnant, breast feeding, nor in the treatment of children (under 12) and patients with kidney disease. Drug interactions have been recorded with diuretics, as well as drugs that make the urine acidic (such as ascorbic acid and Urex).


INDIGENOUS Peoples of Turtle Island used it with tobacco and other herbs in religious ceremonies; used as a smudge (type of incense) or smoked in a sacred pipe, it carried the smoker’s prayers to the Great Spirit. When mixed with tobacco, it was referred to as Kinnikinnick, from an Algonquian (probably Delaware) word for “mixture”. The Indigenous also used Bearberry tea to treat inflammation of the urinary tract, urethritis, kidney stones, and cystitis. The Cheyenne used the tea to treat back sprains. Some Indigenous tribes powdered the leaves and applied them to sores. Other tribes drank it to treat venereal diseases. The berries were also made into a tea that was used to ward off obesity. Early European settlers in the Americas used the leaves taken internally as an astringent to treat nephritis, kidney stones and other diseases of the urinary system.


According to the original telling of the Anishaanabek, the first council of spirits was held Center-of-Earth, and it was called by the Upper-Air Spirits to ask assistance of the Under-Earth Spirits in saving a strange, unfurred group of animals.

Otter and Bear, two of the most famous dodemog, were chosen to push the first Tree of Life (Nokonis Giishik-Grandmother Ceder) from Center-of-Earth though to the surface, forming the fisrt channel of communication between Above and Below. In those days, it is siad, the main communicator of the on-surface world was Bahmbetah-Benaysee (Rhythm-Beater/Pace-Setter) whose gregarious nature led him to snoop into every thing and then disperse messages by beating rhtyms on anything available. He saw the first tree of life and the first Bear-Berry pulled though.

“HURRY UP” called otter down to the crack in the earth where the top of the first ceder began to appear.

” My fur is drying out in the warm winds of Above.
Give it your best effort” So Bear, who was still down inside pushing, gave one last mighty heave with his powerful muscles, The earth trembled, and the first Tree-of-Life emerged in the sunlite, quickly followed by Bear himself.

“COME ON” urged Otter, “we have done as Council told us.I am auxious to return to Below”

“Not so fast there” growed Bear. He lifted his great head and curously sniffed the warn smells of “Above”.

“I would like to see the unfurred creature for whom the whole Council is concerned.”

“Very well” bobbrd the agreeable Otter, “but make it snappy” The two dodem animals did not have far to look. They came upon a cluster of the unfurred creatures pounding bark. Seeing the dodemog, they howled, dropped the bark, and fled all but one small creature who could not even stand on his own hind legs, Bear stared at the naked little beast.

“No wonder they need help; no claws, no fangs, no fur, no chew-teeth. Not even a berry”

“Not even, a what?”

“Not even a berry”

Bear pointed down an opening in the little beast’s head head, out of which came wails of piercing annoying sounds.

“Gaween Kagagee. No safty berry. Like mine, see”

Bear leaned back his huge head, parting his gleaming jaws, and Otter obligingly peered in the cavern. There, hanging from the back of Bears throat, was a round, ripe miskomin (rose colored berry)

“Sure enough siad Otter. What do you do with it?’

“What do i do with it” That’s the last berry. it holds all the other berries I’ve ever eaten before, down inside… And I never starve becouse the last berry is always there”

Otter slid impatiently into the water.

” I don’t really understand why anyone would eat beeries” he called, “but if you think that beast=child needs one…. give him a bear berry too. and then lets go”.

Bear scrunched down on his great buttocks and slid down the sand dune onto the beach. Behind him, where his rump had opened up the sand into a furrow, grew a long vine with shining green leaves and little round red berries just like the one hanging in Bears thoart. Bear reached over, yanked off a berry, and pop it into the wailing beast-childs mouth.

“There , now,” as he rumbled in tender bear tones, “you shell not starve. You have a bear berry too”

The astonished little beast was still, trying to keep his bear berry down.

(That is what babies are doing, you know, when you see them silently swallowing, swallowing…trying to keep their bear berries down).

The warm sunlight of Above shone out upon the first cedar, upon the new bearberry vine, and upon the plunge circles in the water, as Otter and Bear returned to Below.

Bahmbetah-Benaysee, who had closely watched everything that happened, flew to the Tree of Life. Carefully he positioned his grabbing toes onto the oily bark. Then he threw back his handsome hammer head and wapped out the first rhythmic beat ever sounded on cedar?

(Origin tellings o of the first bearberry plant retold by Keewaydinoquay from stories Mideogema told his grandchildren. 1923-1927)

Espirito Kashi

This channel notates the progression and development of a self founded project; Espirito Kashi, with an objective of studying elements of viusal ethnography to present the folk culture, classical music, activists and artists of Varanasi. 

These are some of the creative endeavours which have been experimented with very raw style of filmmaking. 

Also, a platform to promote the folk artists of Varanasi and around. 

Some of my work could be seen at

thank you. 


Serpent-Bird man, feathered serpent, thunderbird underwater serpent or underwater-panther is the connecting factor between the west north east and south and the center, the grasslands are the meeting point of all the people, the RED Talkers are the intelligentsia-visoinaries and contraries that maintain a complex interaction on a large scale, science is a limited means of transmitting knowledge

The UnHoly Trinity


Global work camp or a global reservation but not to preserve an endangered species, but to insure an endless work-force consisting of a contemporary slave and servant to a corporate-government, so that one can worship their masters the Ultra-Rich, in comfort, in distress, in despair, in misery, or just surviving and to make the ends meet! 

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