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Artcirq Demo

The Artcirq Inuit Performance Collective 2009 Demo.

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The Inuusivut Project is a national initiative of the Embrace Life Council and the National Inuit Youth Council. The primary objective of the project is to learn, document and share - through a variety of multi-media techniques - how Inuit perceive, express, develop, foster and promote mental health.

Uma História dos Krenak (A History of the Krenak) Trailer

HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <krenak31 [at] hotmail [dot] com>

My Own Private Lower Post

My Own Private Lower Post is the story of Duane Gastant' Aucoin, a two-spirited Tlingit, as he seeks to understand how his mother Vicky Bob’s trials at Lower Post Indian Residential School have influenced his life. As she shares her story, he comes to understand how he too is a survivor.

Los viajes del cantador Ch. 20 La cacería del venado II

The second and final part of the hunting of the deer

Filmmaker: Pablo Fulgueira / Ramón Carrillo

Filmmaker Contact:


info [at] enramada [dot] com

Producer's Name: Enramada

Year of Production: 2007

Distributor Information:


Filmmaking Guide Part 5 - Fiction Characters

I share how we encourage actors to get into character, the little games they play, and some of the challenges for the director.


Le volet webdiffusion de la 25e édition de Présence autochtone, en partenariat avec ISUMA TV, était offert pour la durée du festival et est maintenant fermé. 

The web streaming section of the 25th Montreal First Peoples Festival, in partnership with ISUMA TV, was offered during the festival and is now closed. 


Dans le cadre du festival Présence autochtone de Montréal, quelques films de la sélection 2015 sont diffusés gratuitement sur le web, en collaboration avec ISUMA TV, pour la durée du festival.

In collaboration with ISUMA TV, the 2015 Montreal First Peoples Festival offers free online viewing of some films during the festival.

Programation complète / Full programme - Films, concerts & +, 29 juillet - 5 août :

Anaana (Mother / Mère)

DURATION: 52 min.
GENRE: documentary
FORMAT: video, colour
LANGUAGE: Inuktitut, Fr-Eng st
DIRECTORS: Mary Kunuk, Marie-Hélène Cousineau
PRODUCERS: Mary Kunuk, Marie-Helene Cousineau
SOUND: Katarina Soukup , Luke Taqqaugaq
CAMERA: Marie-Helene Cousineau
EDITOR: Marie-Christine Sarda
FUNDING: Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada
SELECTED SCREENINGS: APTN (Canada), Land Insight Film Festival (Montréal, 2003), Maori television (New-Zealand, 2005), Native American film and Video Festival (New-York, 2003)


Abandoned by her father, a White RCMP officer, Vivi Kunuk was adopted by the Inuk family of her mother who raised her as a boy. This is but one remarkable chapter in her life.

With her husband Enuki, she raised eight children, including award-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, living most of the year on the land as her nomadic ancestors did prior to the creation of government settlements in the 1950's. Surrounded by her grandchildren, she recounts stories about the land she knows intimately and her life's destiny on Baffin Island.

The history of changes experienced by Inuit people in the last sixty years is contained in the stories of Vivi Kunuk.

Aqtuqsi (My Nightmare)

GENRE: Computer animation
FORMAT: Video (colour)
LANGUAGE: Inuktitut, Eng s-t
DIRECTOR: Mary Kunuk
PRODUCER: Arnait Video Collective
CAMERA: Marie-Helene Cousineau

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