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Link to: Alluriarniq - Stepping Forward - English
Nunavut youth between the ages of 17-25 from Kugluktuk, Rankin Inlet, Pangnirtung, and students living in Ottawa, speak openly and honestly about their experiences in high...
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Nunavut Education
2013-03-13 08:36
Link to: Going Places: Preparing Inuit High School Students for a Changing Wider World
Going Places is a new documentary video based on research documenting factors contributing to student graduation from the high schools in Pangnirtung and Clyde River, Nunavut...
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Nunavut Education
2013-03-13 11:32
Link to: Juxtaposed Empathic Projection Clearer (fresh [source] audio version [played in 2012])
For more ♫songs♫, visit:http://jatukua.x10.mxJuxtaposed Empathic Projection Clearer[For the next song, click here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw8rpFVej84&feature=...
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2013-03-14 01:49
Link to: Cree War Story
Maggie Natachequan, an elder from Whapmagoostui, tells the story of how an Inuk attacked a Cree camp.
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Cara Di Staulo
2013-03-15 14:17
Link to: Lutsel K'e- conservation & collaboration
"Conservation and Collaboration": Indigenous communities in Canada, threatened with encroaching development from mining and logging companies, using innovative...
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2013-03-18 17:21
Link to: Juanita
Interview:What Mexihcah New Year isYouth and CultureYouth and EducationFor the coming generations thoughts 
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2013-03-21 18:32
Link to: Mexihcah Danza
Mexihcah DanzaGenuine Mexican Native Dance 
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2013-03-21 19:48
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