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Link to: Speaking Inuktittut
Netsilik School Students Project. Syllabics.
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2014-02-11 21:49
Link to: Nutaraqtaariavittuq - Expecting the Child
This movie sheds light on a personnal, professional and cultural level which entails birthgiving in Nunavik.  In january 2005, Phoebe Atagootalook is the first inuit...
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2014-02-07 03:52
Link to: Physical and Taking Bullying.
 This video was created by a group of male students at John Arnalukjuak High School as part of the Leadership and Resiliency Program. It encourages victims of bullying...
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2014-02-06 22:37
Link to: NIRB Public Hearing In Pond Inlet - Part 8/8
Jan 27, 2014 Day 1 Swearing in /affirmation of proponents witness and marking exhibitsPresentations by the proponent -note time for questions by board members....
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Carol Kunnuk
2014-01-29 11:40
Link to: NIRB Public Hearings in Pond Inlet - Jan 28, 2014 - Part 1/4
Jan 28, 2014  Day 2  1/4 Eglish Version Opening Remarks by the Chairperson.Presentations from registerd intervenors, sworn in affirmed and exhibits:-...
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Carol Kunnuk
2014-02-02 22:20
Link to: NIRB Public Hearings in Pond Inlet - Jan 29, 2014 - Part 1/4
Jan 29, 2014 Day 3 1/4 English Version Opening remarks by the chairperson.Presentation from registered intervenors by community members.Questioning of the...
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Carol Kunnuk
2014-02-06 16:57
Link to: Cultural Protocol Revisited 2014
I wrote this short expose in the 1990s and cultural protocol was aroused during the Super Bowel, so I thought I might upload it, Thanks for visiting
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2014-02-03 20:19
Link to: DID in the News!
Inuit filmmaker uses multimedia to empower remote communities Isolated communities join the political dialogue through Digital Indigenous Democracy initiative Culture...
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Cara Di Staulo
2014-01-31 12:20
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