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Tupilak III

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11 junio 2013


That short movie is made from several workshops with kids from Uummannaq ChildrenHome.

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4m 38s


animation film, enfant, Greenland, Groenland, kid, tupilak

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  • 3m 30s

    Crash (2006) Danske

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: bertrandlozay

    First animation film workshop made with kids from Uummannaq Children Home, with the help from Søren Olsen.

    Danish subtitles, Greenlandic talks...

    uploaded date: 02-12-2015

  • 5m 31s

    Marius' birthday 2015

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: bertrandlozay

     free gift for Marius: a short video


    music (c) "The stars in his head (Dark Lights Remix) from Colin Stetson


    uploaded date: 29-06-2015

  • 3m 3s

    Tupilak 3D

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: bertrandlozay

    Animation film workshop at the Uummannaq Children's Home,

    you NEED anaglyph Red/Blue 3D googles to enjoy that film!

    uploaded date: 06-05-2015

  • 31s

    Polka perlée

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: bertrandlozay

     Pearls for traditional Greenlandic clothe


    © music Peter Grønvold

    uploaded date: 21-02-2015