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Song Sylvia with The Late Jimy Sidlar, late Liza Sazama & Friends

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14 enero 2018


 Hi All This is a hybrid edit of two VHS copies of Hi8 Footage from my old Sony CCD TR 101 Camera! Sorry for abrupt ending
Dedicated to the Late Jimy Sidlar & Late Liza Sazama who enriched all of our lives with their music, theatre for the betterment
and joy of all of us and those who live in the Creator's Garden
God bless you both Absent from the body present with the Lord
We were performing at the WISE Club on Adanac Street off Victoria Street East Van 1994 & 1995 One of my favorite
Songs SYLVIA! THey were great sets those nights
Miss you two! XOXOXO
Donald Morin

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