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Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • 17m 32s

    Never Saw It

    uploaded by: folger

    canal: folger

    Mosha Folger draws a narrative arc with spoken word and song; from his Inuit ancestors hunting seals to leaving his Arctic home to the glimmer of hope he sees for the future of his people.… Leer más

    uploaded date: 21-01-2009

  • 13m 44s

    Shaping Our Future (Inuktitut version)

    uploaded by: IAF

    canal: Inuit Art Foundation (IAF)

    Narrated in Inuktitut, Shaping our Future provides a brief overview of the Inuit Art Foundation and its many activities. Combining footage from the Arctic with scenes filmed at the foundation’s headquarters in Ottawa, the 12-minute video follows IAF’s evolution from publisher of a modest newsletter into a model organization for indigenous groups worldwide.… Leer más

    uploaded date: 15-12-2008

  • 12m 30s

    Shaping Our Future

    uploaded by: IAF

    canal: Inuit Art Foundation (IAF)

    A brief overview of the activities of the non-profit Inuit Art Foundation, which exists to facilitate the creative expressions of Inuit artists and to foster a broader understanding of these expressions worldwide.

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Year of Production: 2004

    Country: Canada

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    uploaded date: 11-12-2008

  • 2m 27s

    Walk for Justice

    uploaded by: Anet Henrikso

    canal: arcticbutterfly

    On September 15, 2008 Aborigiinal women and their supporters walked from Victoria BC to Ottawa where they held a ralley on September 15, 2008. Tclips are of the speeches on Parliament Hill

    Filmmaker: Anet Henrikso

    Year of Production: 2008

    Country: Canada

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    uploaded date: 21-10-2008

  • 3m 55s

    the Love you give

    uploaded by: Castille Troy

    canal: loveyougive

    Inuit, Metis, and First Nation Youth prevent violence and promote healthy equal relationships.

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Year of Production: 2009

    Distributor Information:


    Minwaashin Lodge - Aboriginal Women's Support Centre

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    uploaded date: 21-01-2008