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Qaujisaut Elder Cultural Language M00662-020 _2002

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24 mayo 2015


Program name: Qaujisaut
Qaujisaut (To See, To Find Out) was a program directed mainly toward Inuit youth facing hard choices - caught between two cultures. It is entertaining, fast and fun. Up and coming young musical talent was promoted on Qaujisaut. Qaujisaut taught young people important life skills as well as touching on timely health issues and covering stories important to youth. Qaujisaut was interactive – some had contest segments and a write-in/email segment. Qaujisaut was a half-hour program for the 13 to 15 year old age group. Qaujisaut was produced in Iqaluit with segments also being provided by our other centres.
Producer: Iqaluit - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Sabina Lewis

Location: Igloolik
Segment 1: Elders from Igloolik go to the high school to talk to students about Inuktitut.

Location: Gjoa Haven
Segment 2: A young people’s church service in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut.

Location: Baker Lake
Segment 3: Skidoo races in Baker Lake, Nunavut.

Segment 4: Inuit games demonstrations.

Location: Rankin Inlet
Segment 5: Noah Tiktak talks about the programs they run at the friendship center in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, established in Canada's territory of Nunavut, has been producing Inuit language video, by, for and about Inuit since 1981. This video is from their and has been made available on the Internet for your enjoyment through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut.


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