Igloolik is a Low Bandwidth High Cost internet community. Internet service is 150 times behind southern Canada in cost-per-MB. To overcome this handicap DID installs local server Mediaplayers to deliver high speed media to slow speed users, and broadcasts our internet films and videos to home TV.

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added julio 7, 2016
 During fishing derby group of family went fishing. They jigged on a fishing hole somewhere in...
added julio 5, 2016
 in the late april of 2016, bunch of people graduated there high school and ABE, as the crowd...
added julio 4, 2016
Zacharias Kunuk visting his friends grave as he was out on a bussines trip to do his final editing...
added junio 20, 2016
 in April 30th two NHL players and the crew came to Igloolik to show the great Stanley Cup for...
added febrero 8, 2016
added enero 14, 2016
Jon Frantz
added diciembre 16, 2015
Mark Airut
Zacharias Kunuk chatted with a group of elders from Igloolik about the Mary River mine.
added diciembre 4, 2015
Mark Airut