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Inuit Knowledge & Climate Change: Peter Kanayuk

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22 noviembre 2010


Peter Kanayuk from Pangnirtung speaks about teachings.

"I was brought up to be kind to people and animals. My father's teaching was not to hunt what we're not going to eat. I used to want to shoot ducks and birds. He told me not to kill because they wouldn't be eaten. I just wanted to shoot and investigate the birds closely. To be a good person was taught to me, not everyday, but it was repeated once in a while. If you want people to be good to you, you have to be good to them. That was taught to me."

"We were told not to play or make fun of animals. Any kind of animal. Nobody is to make fun or play with them. Be kind to them. After all, they are our food. Even animals we don't eat. They are alive."

Jokingly, I was told, if I want or are hoping for anything, my mother used to tell me: "you'll get it when the ravens turns white"


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