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Saputi (Fish Traps) 1993

Acerca de

28 octubre 1993


Third Isuma recreated fiction, 1993. As summer ends near Igloolik in the 1930's, three families build a saputi to trap fish going upriver for the winter. The days are getting shorter and young people daydream, while waiting for fish to come. But nature is not always predictable....

Saputi is a part of the Unikaatuatiit (Story Tellers) Series.

Filmmakers: Paulossie Qulitalik, Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn

Year of Production: 1993

Filmmaker Contact: info [at] isuma [dot] ca;

Distributor Information: Vtape

Country: Canada

Region: Igloolik; Nunavut, Canadian Arctic

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