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    Program: Program: Kippinguijautiit (Things to Pass Time By): This show entertains the audience with funny and interesting stories on traditional and contemporary Inuit way of life. Kippingujautiit features northern musical talent and coverage of games and special events. Kippinguijautiit was the most popular Inuktitut language program from the audience survey conducted in 1992.… Leer más

    uploaded date: 05-01-2019

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    canal: IBC 3

    Program: Amitturmiut
    Producer: Igloolik – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Julie Ivalu

    Segment 1: Susan Avingaq teaches how to tan a caribou skin step-by-step. Rebecca Ingaut also talks about the process of tanning.

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    uploaded date: 08-01-2017

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    Producer: Pond Inlet – PIC-TV

    Segment 1: This is a special video from Pond Inlet showing three men carving and making tools. They also talk about the tools and the carvings they are making. A stick and bone game (ajagaq) is also demonstrated.

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    uploaded date: 19-01-2016

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    Qauyiyaksat Ep 1 Ayagaq and Bone Marrow Soup _1981

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    Program name: Qaujijaksat
    Producer: Baker Lake - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Lucy Amaruq
    Location: Baker Lake

    Segment 1: An interview with Vera Akumalik about the stick in the bone game (ajagaq). It is a traditional game that Inuit play.

    Segment 2: Qilautimiut (Baker Lake elders) play ajagaq.

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    uploaded date: 08-05-2015