dog team

  • 33m 54s

    Queen Of The Quest

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    canal: Arnait Video Productions

    Queen Of The Quest (34 mins), Arnait Video Productions, NITV 2010, Director Carol Kunnuk.

    As the first woman to compete in and win the “Nunavut Quest” dog team race, Denise Malliki is a great source of inspiration for many young Inuit women and men as well as a compelling ambassador for our Inuit culture and traditions.

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    uploaded date: 15-03-2012

  • Tooguyuk - Lead Dog

    uploaded by: Nathalie Kalina

    canal: JKR Profiles

    Who are you and what is your role in the film?

    My name is Tooguyuk, which means “big fluffy dog”. I'm actually from Igloolik, and am Samueli Ammaq's lead dog. In the film, I am going to play the lead dog of the Greenlandic character Bosun (played by Qillaq Petersen from Qaanaaq).

    How have you been preparing for the role?

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    uploaded date: 14-12-2009

  • Dog Team Lesson (Qimuksik)

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    canal: Exploring Inuit Culture Online

    Prior to watching Qimuksik (Dog Team), students will complete a KWL Chart and will learn general information about Nunavut and the Inuit. Following the film, students will revisit their chart, adding any information they learned during the lesson. Students will then reflect on the film and illustrate a scene that they recall, complete with a brief description.

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    uploaded date: 15-06-2009