• 2m 6s

    2016 Arviat Hope Walk - Reflections with Shelby and Innosar

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    canal: ARVIAT TV

    JAHS graduates and role models for Inuit youth, Shelby Angalik and Innosar Issakiark from Arviat TV share their reflections on the 2016 Arviat Hope Walk.

    The youth-organized event was conceived during the Arviat Youth Leadership Camp held July 1-8, 2016 with support from the Hamlet of Arviat, TakingITGlobal and the Samuel Family Foundation. 

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    uploaded date: 10-07-2016

  • 3m 1s

    Stop Bullying Now: Rumour

    uploaded by: embracelifecouncil

    canal: embracelifecouncil

    The Isaksimagit Innusirmi Katujjiqatigiit/Embrace Life Council is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to support and encourage Nunavummiut to value life. One of our objectives is to educate the public on the issues of suicide, mental health, community health, and related issues. As such, we would like to give you more information about bullying prevention.

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    uploaded date: 21-04-2016

  • 8m 30s

    Physical and Taking Bullying.

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    canal: ARVIAT TV

     This video was created by a group of male students at John Arnalukjuak High School as part of the Leadership and Resiliency Program. It encourages victims of bullying to speak up and speak out against bullies.

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    uploaded date: 06-02-2014

  • 8m 51s

    One Under

    uploaded by: ghidorah221

    canal: ghidorah221's channel

    A documentary which explores the effects of suicides on the London Underground. A production made as a 2nd year project for Ba Hons Television Production at the University of Westminster.

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    uploaded date: 18-01-2012

  • 6m 25s

    Frank Austin Manyhorses Healing

    uploaded by: tamara bull

    canal: FirstTalk

    Frank Austin Manyhorses is a healer that offers a ceremony to clear negative energy.

    Filmmaker: Tamara Bull

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Cedar Root Productions

    Producer's Name: Tamara Bull

    Year of Production: 2008

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    uploaded date: 11-03-2008

  • Artcirq

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    Artcirq is an Inuit artistic collective based in Igloolik, Nunavut.

    Founded in 1998 to combat youth suicide with artistic opportunity, Artcirq has evolved into a community-based circus and multimedia organization, allowing northern and southern artists to bridge and meet in a meaningful and creative way.

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    uploaded date: 16-10-2007

  • 8m 48s


    uploaded by: Artcirq

    canal: Artcirq

    407, Artcirq, Igloolik Isuma, NITV productions 2006, Producer Guillaume Saladin, Director Bruce Haulli. Inuktut w/English s-t.

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    uploaded date: 21-02-2006