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I'm a human being of L'nu (Mi'kmaq), Aln8bak (Abenaki), and Métis (Red River) descent. My personal site is at and I've been using this new tech since around 2000, and Debian GNU/Linux since 2002. I find FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is excellent for Indigenous people because of the liberty and freedom it gives a person or group to use a computer as they see fit, without having to pay exorbitant user fees for using a simple operating system. Most projects have a donation-based system, or have a small fee for procuring it, but usually within most budgets (many if not most come free as in no-cost). It being low cost in maintenance and usage is very advantageous for remote locations on dial-up or satellite.

Admittedly a bit sparse on multimedia software offerings, there are more and more to choose from, that do the thing you want to do with it. I think this is one area that FOSS is still lagging behind more mainstream and for-pay OSes. Nonetheless I've been able to use a Debian-only desktop/workstation for my work.

I've recently started teaching myself Python, a programming language, having a bit of background in shell scripting mostly, for administrative and personal use.

I often visit my local Friendship Centre, being very involved with my urban Indigenous community, and a long-time activist.

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25 febrero 2010


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    • Some art I did in SVG format.

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      Lately I've taken to doing any computer-based graphic arts in SVG, which is a very portable and XML-based format. It isn't a binary format like JPEG, PNG, but text, so you can edit it with a text editor that doesn't mangle things. The stuff I have on my web site is in SVG format, seen here:

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      uploaded date: 25-02-2010