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Artcirq and Arnait en Talea de Castro

Acerca de

22 marzo 2011


Synopsis:Video montage of a presentation by Artcirq and Arnait in Talea de Castro, Oaxaca, March 2009. On the public place, Artcirq performed for the kids of the town, they laugh and participated, throat singing with Lucy Tulugarjuk. The film "Before Tomorrow" was presented on the wall outside, using a sheet as a screen. After there was a question and answer period.

The following morning we had a discussion with local community radio announcers. I must say we were lost in translation: from Mixe to Spanish to English to Inuktitut...I was wondering how the concepts were expressed from one language to another...

Filmmaker: Arnait


Year of Production:2009

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15m 23s


arnait, Artcirq, circus, Inuit, mexico, Talea de Castro

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