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UNU (United Nations University) is dedicated to the generation and transfer of knowledge, and the strengthening of individual and institutional capacities in furtherance of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The mission of UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are a concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States. // www.unu.edu // 国連大学の使命 は国連とその加盟国が関心を寄せる、緊急な対応を必要とする地球 規模の諸問題の解決に研究と能力育成を通じて寄与することです。See more


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    Land Has Breath: Human Nature Relations

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    canal: Climate Changed World

    Slava Cheltuey  (Altai, Russia) is a Telengit community leader and shaman from the Russian Altai Mountain's high altitude Kosh Agach district.

    Whilst traversing Altai's sacred lands, he reflects on our 21st century world and stresses the importance of reviving vital traditional knowledge - age-old wisdom that instruct the respectful and harmonious relationship between local environment and human behaviour.

    United Nations University (2012)



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    uploaded date: 28-10-2013

  • Climate Changed World

    uploaded by: UNUChannel

    Stories from a Climate Changed World

    Sharing indigenous perspectives

    A series of short videos produced by the  United Nations University, about the effects on climate change on indigenous communities in a variety of geographic regions.

    The UNU generates and shares knowledge on issues relevant to the promotion of human security and development, particularly in the developing countries.

    These videos were produced in collaboration with indigenous communities in Central Asia and the Pacific and the UNU-IAS Traditional Knowledge Initiative.

    This work forms part of the on-going Indigenous Peoples Climate-Change Assessment with financial support from The Christensen Fund and also with support from the UNU-VIE PALM Project.

    These stories are also showcased in the UNU's web magazine called Our World 2.0 that looks at the interconnected issues of climate change, peak oil, food security and biodiversity.

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    uploaded date: 28-10-2013

  • Traditional Knowledge & Climate Science

    uploaded by: UNUChannel

    Video Series where Science and Traditional Knowledge meet to respond to climate change.

    With deep connections to nature, the world's indigenous people and local communities are experiencing some of the most pronounced effects of climate change. This video series focuses on some of the key links between traditional knowledge and science regarding climate change.

    Video sub-titles are also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian


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    uploaded date: 28-10-2013

  • UNU

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    Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change videobriefs series. A series of short UNU videobriefs exploring climate change and its impacts from the perspectives of Indigenous community members in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

    Available for summit viewing:
    Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change videobriefs series
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    uploaded date: 21-04-2009

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