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17th Jan 2019 – 5th Comment - Johnny Kublu - Igloolik - Inuktitut

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01 febrero 2019


Johnny Kublu QIA representative: with the plan to produce 30 tonnes a year the communities that are effected should recive proper infrastructure and the IIBA should be amended accordingly, and our food supply should be put into consideration.

Went to Baffinland public meeting. Impacts on transport costs. Company is going to be making a lot of money. Good that there is money for scholarship, but needs help with infrastructure, roads, larger aging population, will need more services in the population, need amendments to the IIBA. For Phase 2, impacts to the environment and there will be impacts on Inuit life and wildlife, food sourcing. Cost of life is very high up north, so they always need to supplement food by hunting. If the north should say no, he knows that the minister will have the final word on approval of the project.


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