IMPORTANT Wixárika Message - Defending Wirikuta


On the 6th and 7th of February 2012, a historical event
took place when for the first time the Wixaritari (Huichol)
people from all communities and their respective ceremonial
centers coordinated their pilgrimages and agreed to meet
at the Cerro Quemado to pray for guidance from their ancestors.

During their chant on the night of the 6th, they defined their
position on mining and other threats to their sacred sites

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16 febrero 2012


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    • Entrevista con Jaime Huenchullan -03 de febrero 2011

      uploaded by: Norman Cohn

      canal: samcc's channel

      Jaime Huenchullán habla sobre procesos en contra de Mapuche. El werkèn de la comunidad autónoma de Temucuicui, Jaime Huenchullán, se refiere a la situación procesal actual de los hermanos secuestrados por el estado chileno acusados con leyes antiterroristas desde los tiempos de la concertación, la situación de salud y criminalización de la demanda del pueblo nación Mapuche. 3 de febrero de 2011.

      Jaime Huenchullan talks about processes against the Mapuche. The werken of the autonomous community of Temucuicui, Jaime Huenchullán, refers to the current procedural status of the brothers kidnapped by the Chilean state charged with anti-terrorism laws since the time of the meeting, the health situation and the criminalization of Mapuche nation people's demand. February 3, 2011.





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      uploaded date: 07-02-2011