What defines our bodies physically and culturally?

Igloolik high school Christmas concert

The Christmas concert at Igloolik high school...maybe 2007? 

Igloolik to France

Performance in Annecy, France in 2010 - the only Inuit circus who left Igloolik to go to France to perform for fifty sleeping cows, and then went straight back home without being paid! 

Oaraya at old community hall - 2

Performing first Artcirq show Oaraya at the Igloolik old community hall, with Jessica Arpin 

Oaraya at the old community hall

Performing first show Oaraya, at the Igloolik old community hall - with Jessica Arpin

Rehearsal for return of the sun performance

At the old community hall in Igloolik 

Show at Festival au desert

Artcirq show at Festival au desert 

Preshow impressions at Essakane

Impressions of Artcirq before the show in Essakane, Festival au desert 

More from festival au desert

More from Timbuktu, Mali and the Bamako Centre Francoculturelle! 2008 

Training at the old community hall

Tumbling and balancing, practicing the men's act at the old Igloolik community hall. 

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